Monday, August 13, 2012

A New Year

It always amazes me how fast summer flies! Teachers sooooo do not get the summer off (and our day does NOT end when the last bell rings for the record). As a new year approaches, I find myself starting to get the "back to school" dreams and butterflies. The night before students come is always the worst... even after so many "first days of school" both as a student and as a teacher, I still get the restlessness and excitement!

My school has experienced an astounding amount of hardship over the last year in the loss of five students. It has brought a tremendous amount of heartbreak and soul-searching amongst many in our community. Not all of them were from suicide or bullying, but all were due to some form of brokenness. Despite the immeasurable hurt and pain that many (students, teachers, parents, community members) continue to experience, it has also strengthened a message of "You are not alone." Just recently, a group of students and a prominent church in the area created a PSA / video about being brave when times get tough. The caption reads: "If you or someone you know has ever felt ignored, forgotten, alone, embarrassed or ridiculed, please take a moment to watch this and share it with your friends. Being Brave means that we don't let bullying or suicide continue. We must take a stand and help those who are hurting by talking to them or telling someone who can help. Be Brave, reach out, stand up and share this."

I start each year with the hope that it will be even better than the next. It is my personal goal to help educate students beyond the classroom as they pursue their dreams and achieve their fullest potential. Surrounded by students in a variety of capacities both in and out of the classroom, I constantly see the impact of the world around them on their always evolving environment, culture, and perspective. We can all be better and help make a positive impact upon future generations. Pay it forward.

You are not alone. Be brave. I hope you have a wonderful year!

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