Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's and Football

There's nothing like fall... and football! There's all sorts of ways to help build school spirit, but I would say school events rank among the best. At my high school, Football Friday Night serves as a major draw for the community, staff, and students to all come together and cheer on our team! There's a student section that is coordinated by seniors with a theme for every game. How fun!

"Are you coming to my game tonight?" or "Did you see me make __ play?" ... those are the questions of the day to me regularly. I do my best to attend as many events as I possibly can throughout the year. Not only do I go to support my students that participate but to show that we are a team (even for those who are cheering with me). Students notice when you come. For some, you may be the only one there cheering them on. For others, you may be the first person outside of their family to show them support. It means a lot to them... and to me. I have always preached that I am not just in teaching for curriculum's sake, but I am in education to teach beyond the walls of my classroom.

Even thought it is hard in our busy lives to go to the sporting events, attend the school musical, sit in on a club... it shows compassion and caring. Students notice.

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