Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Start of a New School Year

I don't know about all of you, but the start of a new school year brings with it all kinds of excitement, stress, and planning! I am in the midst of crazy-mode trying to get everything organized.Oftentimes, a new school year means change. Change in decoration. Modification in curriculum. Change in room layout. Possible change in administration. Phew!

I am so incredibly fortunate that my wing of the school was waxed earlier this summer, so I have been able to work on my classroom set-up for the last two weeks! I am SO grateful for that... pictures to come soon! Since our walls are not cleaned from ceiling to floor every year - typically it's just floor to waist high - I was able to leave up all of my bulletin board and my posters (which I conveniently put above waist high all around the room... call it tricky or call it planning ahead, I am fine with it... hehe).

We have all sorts of meetings scheduled for our first three teacher days (Wed - Fri). Wednesday begins with district meetings in the morning followed by building level meetings the remainder of the day. Thursday includes department meetings and team meetings. All day Friday is for teachers to work as they wish to prepare. Probably one of the most exciting changes for this coming year is.... {drum roll} ... a new copier!!! I know, it is hard to contain your excitement!

I just want to take a minute to pass along a few perspectives as this new year is about to begin~

  • For those that aren't teachers, the back-to-school time is one of the most stressful for those in the profession. 
  • For those that say the best part of being a teacher is June-July-August, recognize that most teachers spend the majority of their summer planning, taking classes, and going to meetings to make your child's experience the best it can be.
  • For those that say teacher's make too much money for what they do, I say look at my receipts which amount in well over $500 (I would venture close to $1000) of my personal money spent towards things for my classroom and teaching.
  • For those that think teaching is a breeze, please recognize all that teachers DO do - having to be "on" for at least 7 hours straight - answer 100's of questions a day - spend hours outside of the school day grading 120+ tests if you teach HS like I do and responding to email (because we can't during the school day).
  • Oh, and try not being able to use the bathroom any time you please. Won't happen if you are a teacher.
This isn't meant to be a rant about teaching. It is truly the BEST profession in the world and also one of the most rewarding. This is meant to serve as a reminder to thank a teacher for all that they do to make your child's learning experience the absolute best that it can be. The vast majority of teachers chose to be in the profession because of their passion or desire to teach. In my state, we must have a Master's degree by or within a few years of starting to teach and we earn every bit of it at a cost. We deserve the same respect as anyone else. We are constantly seeking to make each day impact our students in some way. I take that responsibility to heart. I am beyond excited (also a little stressed) for a new year. If you get the chance in the next few weeks, please thank a teacher and pay it forward :) 


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