Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Staples Teacher Day - August 2013

I love to snag great deals as the new school year approaches, and I haven't missed a Staples' Teacher Day yet!!!

Here's the details - the date may vary depending upon your location.


20% Staples Rewards for everything that you can fit into this bag + other cool stuff!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Teacher Rewards

I recently got the email below from United Art & Education, and I wanted to pass the information along to all of you!!! It's always a plus when there's teacher rewards involved! :)

Introducing United Art & Education's
All-New Retail Customer Reward Card!

Early Bird Special!
Sign up for your card by July 15th and receive 250 Bonus Points! Every card owner that has registered by 9pm on Monday, July 15th, will automatically get 250 points credited to their account on Tuesday, July 16th - in addition to the 250 points you receive when you verify your account!
Join Our FREE Retail Loyal Program & Start Earning Rewards Today!
With the United Art & Education Reward Card, each eligible dollar you spend at one of our retail stores becomes 5 points, and when you accumulate 500 points you will receive a $5 reward! During your next visit to a store location, ask an associate for a card and we will activate your account for you. You will start earning points that very moment! Then, when you verify your account we will add 250 extra bonus points to start you off right!

Our Retail Reward Program is flexible! You choose when you use your retail reward points. You can claim a retail reward once you reach 500 points, or if you prefer, save your points and claim a bigger retail reward, the choice is yours! The best part? Your points don't expire, ever, until you choose to claim a retail reward. For complete details and to sign up for a Retail Reward Card, visit your local United Art & Education retail store.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Back to School Shopping

Well folks, I am going to say it, my back-to-school shopping has started!!! I know it's July 1st and for most people outside of education this is probably ridiculous, but as a teacher I am always looking for good deals. I typically shop for my classroom year-round as I am constantly looking for bargains, but the official hunt is with August coming before I know it!

Here's some places that I usually do a TON of shopping from when it comes to school items. I will be posting my finds as I go, and I would love if you would share your finds with me too!!!

... I mean, who doesn't love Target?

... pretty decent teacher rewards! I enjoy their "teacher day" each year as well!

... great for organization as well as odds-and-ends

... awesome bulk purchasing and great quality!

... lots of content-specific resources and items for the classroom!

... one of the biggest stores I have been able to find!